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Why Do Companies Choose Road Over Rail And Changes To Supply Chain Logistics?

In the 1970s, roads were quieter than today's volumes and motorways were still new to me as a child. My father used to tell me how long it took him to travel long distances by road before motorways were invented. He once had to travel 8 hours from Preston to Wales.

Toy Train sets were very popular and featured a wide range of commercial and cargo freight carriages. Traffic congestion has only increased in recent years. You will notice how many trucks are driving on motorways at all hours of the day, making it possible to indulge our shopping obsession. You can also hire professionals for supply chain logistics through

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Logistics is a large industry. There must be constant calculations about how to reduce transport costs. In the 1970s, rail transport carried over 90% of freight. This has been reduced to 10%. This has been possible due to a variety of factors.

  • Lack of investment in rolling stock for the railways and development of motorways

  • Railroad strikes can cause network disruptions. Companies are less forgiving than commuters

  • Trucks had low fuel costs before fuel prices rose several years ago.

  • A fleet of trucks requires a low capital investment. Haulage companies respond to a need by offering convenient door-to-door service.

  • You can use the internet to plan your routes and to manage logistics, to effectively calculate fuel costs.

  • Companies want more control over their goods transport and improvements to their supply chains that are not compatible with rail network constraints.