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What’s The Reason Hemorrhoids And Pregnancy Often Happen Together?

Hemorrhoids are a prevalent problem, with at most 90% of women in the population having experienced it at some point in their lives. 

While pregnant, despite the short duration of the period about thirty percent of lactating mothers suffer hemorrhoids. The need to address this issue is crucial as ignoring hemorrhoids could result in serious complications like anemia or anal fissures.

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There is a profound relationship between hemorrhoids and pregnancy. When pregnant women's bodies are exposed to a variety of stresses and many of them result in hemorrhoids. 

When a woman is pregnant hormonal changes can facilitate hemorrhoids to dilating. Due to the gradual growth in estrogen and progesterone levels the general delamination of connective tissue. 

The methods to fight hemorrhoids during pregnancy include:

1.) Exercise Regular physical activity stimulates intestinal permeability and encourages the return of blood venous into the heart. This reduces the chance of hemorrhoids. The ideal activity is walking.

2.) Food: Your diet must gradually increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Also, ensure that you drink plenty of fluids so that your stool gets softer and is easier to move.

3.) Health: A regular cleansing of the rectal region with warm soap and warm water is essential since it speedily heals and reduces the chance of infection. Avoid showering with cold water as the muscle spasm that results within the anus may result in strangulation of hemorrhoidal nodules.

If you're in the care of a medical professional for your pregnancy, make certain to speak with your doctor if one of the three women suffers from this ailment.