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What Is Building Facility Maintenance?

Building maintenance is a profession in which a person oversees complex projects to ensure that indoor and outdoor spaces are kept clean, safe, and in good condition. These professionals might oversee everything from the cleaning of furnaces and HVAC systems to the construction of new buildings. For more information you can also visit

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What is the role of building facility maintenance?

Keeping buildings and grounds in good condition is essential for preserving the safety of people who use them. This task is often assigned to building facility maintenance, which consists of a team of professionals who patrol the facility, clean areas, and work with architects to maintain the structure.

Building facility maintenance can consist of a variety of professionals, including: Facilities Managers: who supervise and direct the work of building facility maintenance employees and coordinate their activities with other departmental staff; Facilities Custodians: who clean, repair and maintain building facilities; Building Maintenance Supervisors; Maintenance Engineers; Industrial Hygienists; and others.

These people manage and administer various operating systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; electrical systems; boiler operation; waste disposal systems; fire protection services; security services; lawn care and groundskeeping.

Building facility managers are tasked with making sure their buildings are safe and well-maintained. This includes planning for repairs, managing building services, and planning for extensions. Facility managers need to know the best construction materials and how to care for them to ensure that their buildings will last for a long time.

Building facility maintenance is the everyday responsibility of building owners. It is required by law and insurance companies to provide a safe, healthy, and sanitary place for your employees.