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Tips To Choose A Messenger Bot

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a chatbot that integrates into the Facebook Messenger platform and enables the users to perform tasks as it may relate to their queries, returns, FAQs, etc. Chatbots enable automation of the entire customer support process and works on a conversational platform, like Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is not the only social networking website which has its own chatbot. Yahoo Messenger also has its own bot which acts as a chatbot on Yahoo Messenger. These chatbot tools are mainly meant for businesses that want to be able to automate their customer service and sales.

One can use a chatbot for a Facebook messenger just by using their desktop browser or any other portable device. Once the Facebook Chatbot is installed in the chat server, a user can then initiate a conversation through the use of the chat application. There are various uses of these chatbots.

Below mentioned are some of them:

Answering customer queries, concerns, or complaints. As the user uses the chat application, the chatbot can reply to the queries of the customers. When a user has a concern, he/she can either get the answer directly or ask for suggestions. Once the query is properly answered, the user can move on to another question. It is advisable for the customer service representatives of the company to have a good relationship with their customers. This is so because they must be able to understand the needs and queries of the customers effectively.

Chats can be opened and closed in real-time. A user can also choose to block other users or chats. All these features make it possible for the customers to get instant answers to their queries and concerns.

Sending messages: You can send the messages to your friends or to any other user directly from the chat application itself. You do not have to have any form of software or web-based service. In fact, your friends will be able to reply to your message right away. You can also write your message and then let it appear as an announcement in your friend's newsfeed.

New product releases: If you are planning to launch a new product for your business, then you can let the customers know about it by sending them newsfeed notifications. You can also send announcements about your product in this way.

These features are very useful for many business owners because it allows them to manage their contacts, sales, and marketing activities through their mobile phones. These features make the lives of the customers more convenient.

If you are planning to buy a messenger bot, make sure that it is an official one. There are plenty of scams and even phishing sites on the internet. Make sure that the software that you are buying is safe and reliable.

There are several things that a user should consider when he/she is choosing a Messenger Bot. First and foremost, you should look for a bot that has been tested by experts. You can check whether the bot works properly on the test server.

Also, look for bots that offer a wide range of capabilities. Most of the popular chatbots will have more than just text chat capabilities.

Look for a box that will allow you to see the user's phone number and name. This is important in case you want to send messages privately and in a confidential way.

Finally, look for a bot that provides its users with all the necessary features. For example, you may want a bot that can read emails and perform online shopping.