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Tips For Preparing Authentic Thai Recipes

Because of the long list of ingredients and detailed instructions, some Thai dishes can seem difficult to prepare. Thai People love fresh ingredients. Thailand is one of the most fortunate countries in the world. It has plenty of exotic fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you make authentic and best Thai food in Spokane.

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Ingredients used in Thai recipes

No matter what type of recipe you are making, ingredients are essential. Finding fresh Thai ingredients is easy if you live in Thailand or Southeast Asia. However, if you live far away from the city, it may be difficult or impossible to find fresh ingredients. You should first plan to identify the ingredients before you start making Thai dishes. Shopping online is a great way to save time and reduce driving.


With the exception of desserts, Thais use a wok or pot for most dishes. A mortar and pestle is another common tool. Gas stoves are used most often in Thailand to make Thai dishes. It all depends on what you need. A mortar and pestle is a great tool for Thai cooking. You can also use your standard kitchen tools like a knife or cutting board to achieve the same goal. 

How to Prepare

For authentic Thai cuisine, preparation is key. Thai food requires both preparation and excess ingredients. To make authentic Thai food, preparation is key. Preparing ingredients will cost you more than cooking them. It should take about half an hour to arrange all ingredients. A Thai meal typically includes 4-5 dishes. It can take two hours to arrange all the ingredients but only one hour to prepare.