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bookmark_borderWhat Is The Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin For Your Online Business

Ecommerce plugins are the devices that allow you to sell products online. As you know, you can sell from your site in many different ways, but it is very easy to sell from a WordPress blog with just one of these plugins. WordPress is a great eCommerce platform that gets your products out there to the world.

But how can you turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce site that sells? The answer lies in plugins, they can turn your site into a 24/7 ATM. For more information you can also navigate to https:/

What is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin?

Here's an X-ray overview of the best WordPress eCommerce plugin:

1. WPe-commerce 

It has been massively used among WordPress users because it has many different features and is free. Offers different payment solutions; With it, you can accept manual payments like checks or money orders, PayPal Payment Standard, PayPal Payment Pro, Paypal Express Checkout, Google Checkout, and Cronopay. 

There is another option, the Gold version, which accepts even more payment types and has more features like product sliders and shipping modules. Its disadvantage is that with this plugin, you cannot customize the invoices and you have to print them with your web browser. 

But, despite looking like such a complete and amazing service, many users find that WPe-commerce has some bugs and they have to spend a lot of their valuable time hacking it to get it working.

2. Shopify 

It is a very popular option among people who have had problems with other plugins. It was built for eCommerce and is very professional and reliable. It is very easy to install, it is very robust and very customizable. Users stick with it and think that it is very robust and affordable.