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bookmark_borderImportant Aspects Of BI Dashboard

Nowadays, business intelligence or BI is a trending technology. Most businesses are either using or are planning to use BI tools. Now the question arises what is a power BI dashboard? A BI dashboard is a tool powered by BI that tracks and analyzes complex data to present it in a visually stunning way. 

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BI dashboard gives businesses the power to customize that meet their specific needs and they feel empowered. Business intelligence creates a customizable user interface. 

The ability to customize the dashboard lets the user make their selection, to decide what they want to see and to set the preferences. Thus, a customizable user interface allows the user to be in absolute control. 

In a business environment, a BI dashboard with a customizable user interface means even more. They may have the data displayed in the form of charts, gauges, and graphs with options for drill-down and drill-up as well as custom filters. 

A BI dashboard that can access or fetch data from multiple data sources is of immense use for businesses. You can get this aspect in almost all BI reporting tools.