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bookmark_borderTwo Factor Authentication – A Secure Method of Access Control

The infrastructure of a corporate network can withhold a large amount of data pertinent to the company. It's imperative that access to the information is restricted, and cannot be seen by unauthorized personnel. There are lots of ways to implement an access control solution that typically utilizes a username/password scenario or an agent at the very end-user point that supports its validity.

But, it is strongly appropriate to look at a more secure solution to improved safety for highly sensitive networks. Two-factor authentication supplies a solution to this scenario that's reliable and a secure method of access control. You may also check this link to find out more about two-factor authentication.  


First, usernames are often easy to imagine. Under ordinary circumstances it would be based on a very simple formulation that revolves around the worker's name, that's precisely the same formula for all employees. So the first step in the practice is already relatively unsafe. Second, the username is united with a password that goes hand in hand with the username.

This is normally because passwords are required for so many accounts; Users attempt to make them as simple as possible so they don't overlook them.  To make matters worse, many companies have a policy in which passwords expire frequently and force their employees to change them constantly. How does this make matters worse? Well, this really makes the password more difficult for the owner to remember, which is usually the weakest link within your company's security.

If the operator is difficult to remember, they are likely to leave a reminder so that they do not forget themselves. This is sometimes a post that pays attention to a monitor or scrap of newspaper under the keyboard or around the desk in the top computer or in the surrounding area.

So what does two Factor Authentication' offer? Using this technique, the user will need additional info in combination with their username/password to get access to the network. The token is a little device that will comfortably fit in your pocket and is often able to attach to a key ring. At any given time the token will display a numeric value. This value will provide the individual employee with an authorization code that when combined with all the username/password will provide access to the network.