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bookmark_borderEnsuring Safety Through Maintenance of Car Tires

Car tire maintenance is very important for the safety of passengers in the car and the life of the car. This important aspect is often overlooked by many people due to ignorance or lack of knowledge about treatment. Here are some basics to keep your tires in perfect condition and safe.

Care Tips

You can find tire care tips everywhere, online, from auto experts, mechanics and in your car owner's manual. So follow these tips and get your car tires in the right shape.

Balancing Tires

Balancing car tires with your mechanic ensures they rotate perfectly around the wheel hub. Balanced tires result in longer tire life and better vehicle performance. In addition to the mandatory annual tire balance check, it is important to balance them after each disassembly for repairs. You can write tire balancing near my location in your browser's search box to repair the car tire.


Regular tire checks and wheel alignment are the most important aspects of tire maintenance. Tire alignment is very important so that the car can go straight. This contributes to uniform tread wear along with extremely precise steering and solid suspension characteristics.

Inflate tires to recommended air pressure

It is very important to check tire pressure from time to time, and in any case before embarking on a long journey. It is recommended to check tire pressure at least once a month. Proper tire pressure is very important for vehicle safety.

Low tire pressure causes increased tread wear and reduced tire life due to excess heat generated by inflated tires. Similarly, over-inflation also causes increased tread wear and reduced tire life. It's a good idea to have a quality air knife in the car.