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A hydraulically or mechanically operated press to trim castings, specifically die castings. In a fully automated casting cell, the casting is brought to the trimming press through the extractor robot or extractor and removed by the trim die (blank die), i.e. the flow and the flow-off are cut off.

The hydraulic 3 and 4 column press is used for trimming pressing die castings, as well as gravity, die castings made from zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. You can know more about automotive mold & trim presses online.

Trimming press

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The presses come with different pressures, ensuring that the right model and size are readily available to the foundryman for every task. Cover models from the series are available to 150t close force, which is ideal for trimming.

The functional principle

The casting can be positioned manually or using a robot located on the lower portion of the device. The linear guide system allows the most efficient access to allow for automatic loading and unloading of the sides. 

The top portion of the tool that is operated hydraulically of the tool rotates across the casting and can be secured with holders integrated into it. 

The change to working speed takes place in the intervals that are set before the component that is to be deburred is pressed and not creating deformation. 

The tool's blades remove the unwanted burr from the part. The casting is now removed. The pieces of the casting and materials that circulate are taken from below the cutting press.

A higher installation height, as well as an elevated lifting of the plate, permits large workpieces to be fed, processed, and then removed using robots.