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bookmark_borderWhen Do You Need Transmission Repair

From grinding and popping to shaking and jerking, some strange engine noises and car movements can indicate that your car's transmission needs repair. If you start to notice any of the following common symptoms, you should immediately have your car checked by a qualified transmissions repair mechanic.

These types of problems never get better over time and parts are often very expensive! One of the first warning signs is a shift problem. If your car shifts erratically or doesn't shift at all, you should immediately take it to a repair shop for inspection. Unusual noises often occur while driving. The gears may grind as they shift or you may hear a loud humming or buzzing as you accelerate to highway speeds.


Apart from making strange noises, your car may start making strange movements. It may tug when shifting or wobble when accelerating. Since this is your car, you will be the first to notice this strange movement. Explain them along with all the other odd symptoms in this technique. Another early indication is fluid leakage. The liquid is usually pink in color.

It is designed to move constantly within the equipment and does not need to be changed frequently. If you notice pink or brownish fluid leaking from under your car, check the fluid level. If it is low, it must be removed immediately so that the mechanic can understand where the leak is coming from and replace the lost fluid. Since it is designed to lubricate and cool mechanical parts that would become very hot, low fluids should not be neglected.