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bookmark_borderThings To Know About Velvet Products

Feather is made from velvet and plume. Down generally utilized in a white goose feathers 85%, 90 percent of the actual powerful warm down jacket, bulkiness and above, covering a down jacket, information, and comfortable. Also, to know about chinese jacket womens you can search the websites of clothing online.

General use 90% cashmere, cashmere lining 230g -320g, and Away to adapt to minus 20 degrees from the north about 30 degrees below zero surroundings.

Down if you touch, if you touch the pole, then a great deal of hair is certainly not 90% down, if the coat by hand pressure which then release the name, then 90% down and up quickly regain its initial fluffy condition, if the hands press down Then let go and how is a flat or down coat, then! May you purchase down outerwear failed to reach the 90% feathers, velvet filling quantity isn't sufficient, heat retention property is extremely low.

90% white goose down feather clothing.

Down is a non-hair pole of feathers, feather branches grow in several of its audience filaments, the filaments through the velvet to form a stable thermal protection coating? So, cashmere is warm down the most substance. Each ounce of hair was approximately 2 million threads.

Good quality cashmere fibers longer, the development of the velvet flowers also correspondingly bigger. Feather is a duck or goose from the trunk and tail feathers with a little feather pole, but also long after the creation of broken feathers, feather material may not be too large, but since it has increased the use of fluffy down, it has to contain a specific proportion.