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bookmark_borderWhy Is Thumb Sucking Harmful?

From infancy, kids use sucking behaviors to soothe themselves down. In fact, many parents rely on pacifiers, dental toys, and other items designed for kids to suck on in order to promote emotional regulation in their kids. You can also know more about how to quit thumb sucking through various online sources.

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As children get older, they can develop the habit of sucking their fingers or thumbs. Unfortunately, thumb sucking can have long-lasting negative side effects if the habit continues into the age of four. The potential side effects of extended or severe thumb sucking are mentioned below.

1.Skin problems

Children who suck their thumb for years can develop uncomfortable or serious skin problems on the thumb of their choice. Contact with moisture in the mouth can make the skin susceptible to other injuries. In some cases, the skin may bleed or crack, leaving your child's hands exposed to infection.

The thumb may look callous. In addition, the pressure and moisture of sucking the thumb can deform the miniature, causing it to grow or peel.

2.Speech Difficulty

Because thumb sucking influences the development of the jaw, teeth, and palate, it can also change the way your child eats and talks. Thumb sucking can cause blinking and other language difficulties, including the inability to pronounce hard consonants like "D" and "T."

Without proper dental care, even high-quality speech therapy cannot completely correct this barrier, as the defective voice is partly due to the shape of your child's teeth in relation to their tongue.