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bookmark_borderWhat are the Types of Telegram Channel And How do we create a Telegram Channel?

Firstly, we will learn about different types of telegram channels. Telegram channels can be classified into two types: private and public.

All users can access public channels easily. You can search for the channel on Telegram or Google Search using keywords. The URLs for public channels can be shortened or branded. They can be modified at any time. 

All users have the option to scroll through the content before deciding if they want to subscribe. You can also subscribe to different public channels that provide amazing web series via

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However, private channels are not available to all. The special invitation link is used to gain access to the channel. This link can be modified at any time. The link is generated by Telegram. Searches cannot find private channels. Before joining a channel, users can view the content.

How do you create a Telegram Channel?

Telegram can be used to create channels through either the desktop or app.

  • Navigate to the menu in the sidebar.
  • Click "New channel".
  • Name your Telegram channel
  • Upload the icon
  • Add description;
  • Confirm the creation
  • Select the type of channel: public or private
  • Establish a permanent link to the public channel
  • You can add members to your contacts, or skip this step.

Some tips:

  • You can manually add the first 200 members from your contacts.
  • Make sure to include only the most important and pertinent information in your description.
  • For users to give feedback, add contact usernames in the description section.
  • Make sure to include keywords in your channel name so that users can find them easily.