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bookmark_borderTeeth Whitening Options In Vaughan: How To Brighten Your Smile

This is done on teeth without live nerves. The dentist applies a whitening solution to the tooth and then fills it with dental cement. The desired shade should be attained after a few days.

Vital whitening uses a gel-based teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide. The gel is placed inside a mouthguard and left in place for a time that depends on the effect desired. This type of whitening is possible at home or the dentists.

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The dentist will clean your teeth before bleaching your teeth. He or she will also check that your mouth is healthy. The dentist might also ask about the discoloration and desired effects.

The dentist will apply the gel after deciding on the best approach. Some whitening products can be activated with heat, light, or lasers. Laser teeth whitening can be too costly for many.

This same process can be used to whiten your teeth at home. It may be necessary to wear mold for as long as four weeks, sometimes up to 24 hours per day. Although effective, in-home bleaching can be time-consuming.

Studies on teeth have shown that whitening is safe. Whitening gels that are used to whiten teeth were found safe. Gels containing a greater amount of hydrogen peroxide can weaken the enamel.

You can have your teeth whitened by a professional or you can do it yourself. But make sure you only select safe options. Do not strain your teeth to get the perfect smile. Your dentist will tell you how to avoid damaged enamel, gum inflammation, and irritated gums.