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bookmark_borderReasons To Create a Power Of Attorney Document

There are certain life situations and periods of time when establishing a power of attorney for you and the peace of your family is highly recommended.

Here are main reasons for creating a POA:

1. You want to give someone the authority to temporarily act on your behalf in your absence.

Filling out the POA form ensures that someone can make decisions on your behalf in your absence or failure to do so.  You can also look for the best power of attorney solicitors via

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When you give POAs to others, you are the "principal" and the person authorized to act on your behalf is your "agent" or "attorney." 

An agent with a general power of attorney can make many decisions on behalf of the principal. Agents don't have to be lawyers. 

For example, agents with a general POA can make decisions on behalf of the principal in situations ranging from business to medical and financial. 

Those who were absent for long periods of time often appointed a representative to act on their behalf during their absence.

2. You want to empower someone to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated

Many people hire someone as a health and/or financial agent when they are unable to make up their own mind. These types of POA documents can be general or specific, but they also have to be permanent. 

Permanent power of attorney remains in effect if the client becomes incompetent or unable to manage his affairs.