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bookmark_borderLearn About The Colors Of Bengal Cats

Some of the Bengal cat colors are:

1. Silver Bengal Cat

Silver Bengal cats have a dark black-spotted or a marble pattern. If you want to adopt a silver Bengal cat, then you can check this out.

silver bengal cat

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2. Charcoal

This color variant acts more as an additional masking layer to Bengal's base coat and is not a distinct color. You can see charcoal layers in any of the available color options. They are described as charcoal brown, charcoal silver, and charcoal brown. A "cape" is a long, thick stripe that runs down the length of the back and covers their faces.

3. Blue

Blue Bengal variants can be rare and are therefore highly prized. Their coat is a combination of a powder-blue or steel-blue color with occasional cream tones. They also have dark grey-blue marbled or spotted patterns. They are usually hazel brown or green in color.

There are some colors of Bengal cats that are not recognized by the ASPCA. 

Colors such as charcoal and blue are not recognized by Bengal competition standards but they are as striking as the standard Bengal colors. These are colors are often caused by recessive genetics that can be found in standard litters. But colors like silver, brown are the standard Bengal cat colors.