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bookmark_borderThe Rise In Popularity Of Psychotherapy In Silicon Valley

There are many different forms and specialties of psychotherapy. Some are designed to treat specific medical conditions, but most are general and treat personal and psychological problems from different perspectives.

When psychotherapy was first developed in the form of psychoanalysis in the late 19th century, it was in a sense a unique phenomenon. You can find information regarding psychotherapy in Silicon Valley via


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There is no doubt that this form of speech therapy exists as long as people have the power of language. However, there is never a systematic and formal approach to helping people overcome psychological difficulties and disorders.

The 19th century marked the pinnacle of the industrial revolution. This has led to phenomenal changes in the fabric and structure of society. The transition from farm to factory work drew large numbers of people from rural and community life to cities where there were no families or communities to speak of.

The development of an efficient railway system has significantly accelerated this process. Feeling alienated and isolated has become commonplace despite being surrounded by many people. Without the support of relatives or close community, traditional psychological stress methods have been abandoned for most people.

Fortunately, the benefits of psychotherapy are now widely recognized in all sectors of society. The importance of seeking help for problems like stress and anxiety has been recognized.