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bookmark_borderIs overpronation a problem for runners?

You may presume that overpronation is quite like a death sentence for runners when you go through a number of the running websites and social media commentary. Anyone might believe it can easily lead to all the injuries which athletes suffer from and why runners need the particular motion control running shoes or foot orthotics to correct the problem. It really does get talked about in many communities that it is something rather evil which has to be remedied.

Pronation is really a normal motion of the foot in which the ankle rolls inwards and the arch of the foot drop. Overpronation is where there may be an excessive amount of that normal movement. There is no distinct specification of just what exactly overpronation really is and just what can be regarded as normal or abnormal. This condition is alleged to cause a dysfunctional running gait, so extra energy is needed to run. Additionally it is claimed that a foot which overpronates might cause a number of conditions from claw toes to tendon injury to knee injuries. Due to this runners who do overpronate are highly recommended to use foot orthoses to support the feet and make use of the motion control running shoes.

In spite of this, there are many anecdotes of runners who do have a significant serious form of overpronation that never ever get concerns and may run easily. This has resulted in comments that the entire strategy around overpronation is a delusion and isn't really a problem. They're saying it really is invented by those who earn money from foot orthotics as well as running shoes.

However, for those who look at the actual scientific data, then yes overpronation (however you wish to determine it) is an issue in running. The meta-analyses and systematic reviews of all the studies indicate that this is usually a small risk factor for overuse injury in athletes, but that risk continues to be statistically significant. Consequently overpronation is an issue is runners but its perhaps not as big a problem it has been viewed as previously.