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bookmark_borderTips for Water Filtration System

How many chemicals do you drink? Check your local distribution office and ask for their quality reports. All public works have these reports that provide information about how much arsenic, barium, chromium, selenium, etc. There is in your glass.

If you see your daily multivitamins, many of these same minerals are found. However, they still have to be avoided when they pose health risks for those who swallow too many of them.

Add chemicals

We drink a lot of chemicals every day because they are added to what we drink. This does not mean chemicals are safe to drink but after treatment it is much safer when treated than untreated.

For example, chlorine kills salmonella and E. coli, and can also kill many viruses. Take drinks that have salmonella or E. coli. Present as dangerous by eating raw meat. Your water filtration system removes it from chlorine after killing bacteria, making sure it is safe.


Bisphenol A or BPA is chemicals that cause health risks to infants and children. Used with many bottles for a few years ago, check that your favorite bottles don't have it.

If in doubt, throw away. Many companies are produced with these chemicals and have since created a non-BPA version of their products. Look for BPA free stickers when buying. Check with your filter manufacturer to see if it filters BPA.