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bookmark_borderPool Security and Glass Pool Fencing

Due to a large number of sinking pools, the Australian government has agreed to introduce a pool fencing rule that requires pool households to install a perimeter around the pond to protect these tiny lives. These actually pool safety rules and pool fencing is only a small part. Other factors include house windows, fences around the property, and anything that children can climb over and over fences to reach the pool. You can also get more information about glass pool fencing online from various sources.

While using standard steel poolside fencing is always an option, many homes opt for the tougher option and opt for a frameless design. The glass pool fence is attractive and looks very stylish. Gives a more classic feel to the pool area and complements the landscape. You often don't notice it right away – the unobstructed view makes glass a very attractive option. Unlike traditional fences, glass railings do not make your garden smaller. In fact, it can often enhance the feeling of more space around your pool.

There are two types of glass railings for swimming pools. Frameless and semi-frameless. The frameless fence sits on two pegs attached to the ground. There are no vertical supports between the pieces of glass. Semi-frameless fences are mounted on vertical support posts between each glass railing.

Both types offer the same type of security, but frameless fences require thicker glass, making them more expensive. When you think of your fence, think of your yard. Fences are available in various designs and sizes