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bookmark_borderHow to Streamline the New Employee Onboarding Process?

Optimizing your company's hiring process is not only useful and convenient for your new colleagues. It also gives you strategies to simplify time-consuming tasks so you have more time to build relationships and collaborate with stakeholders across the company.

Any experienced HR professional will tell you that recording involves a lot of documentation for legal and organizational purposes that is traditionally paper. But paper isn't just trash; it is cumbersome and exhibits manual data entry and outdated processes. You can opt for electronic onboarding via to save the HR and employees time. 

Automating the onboarding process isn't just about making your documents electronic. It's about streamlining the entire workflow in a simpler way:

Digitizing forms. You may have digitized the application process for employees. Now that they are hired, follow the trend with electronic contracts for employees, contractors, incompetents, and more.

Sign the agreement. The first few weeks were busy with new hires. Make signing an agreement convenient, secure and easy to manage by submitting an electronic signature document.

Save and organize documents. With each new employee, storage secrets and easy access to the documents and information provided are hidden. Once you've digitized an embedded form, keeping it safe for future reference is a boon, especially if your documents and storage systems are integrated.

Human Resources is a great place to streamline process management with document automation software and workflow templates. If your business has growth in mind, think about the value of time to go back by automating mandatory parts of the board and instead experience people-centred moments.