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bookmark_borderOnline Tutoring – A Simple and Straight-Forward Approach To Affordable Quality Learning For Students

Private learning has proven to be an excellent tool for providing additional learning support students need. The power of the internet has allowed today's teachers to offer personal learning to students regardless of their physical location. 

Online o level chemistry tuition in Singapore provides lecture by effective use of audio, video, and online whiteboard technology and offers many opportunities for students around the world.

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Online teaching offers a number of advantages over traditional face-to-face teaching:

i) Cost advantage:

First, it's cheap. Nowadays students have to pay less for quality online training than face-to-face training. Not all parents can afford expensive private education for their children. Online learning provides all parents with a fair opportunity to provide quality education to their children.

ii) Online learning saves travel time:

In contrast to traditional face-to-face teaching, the physical distance between teacher and mentee is irrelevant in online learning. This means that the teacher can offer lessons from anywhere using a computer/laptop/smartphone with a good internet connection. This saves travel time for teachers and mentees.

iii) Teacher selection:

Sometimes students feel uncomfortable with a particular teacher's teaching style. This problem can occur both in person and in online training. Fortunately, when studying online, students need not despair of behaving towards a teacher as they have the opportunity to become the best of the various teachers available for a particular subject.