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bookmark_borderAll About Mobile Car Detailing Machines In Brisbane Southside

The demand for mobile car detailing has steadily increased over the years. Therefore, you can now find more and more specialized cleaning kits for mobile auto detailing in Brisbane southside. Many of these machines have some very advanced features that were not available before.

Check out some of the new advanced features available for mobile car detailing:

More power – Conventional high-pressure cleaning systems use their outlet pressure for cleaning. You cannot use an engine with an outlet pressure greater than 1500 psi to clean the vehicle. Higher discharge pressures can remove paint from the vehicle surface.

Car Detailing

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How can you add more power to your car's detailing engine without damaging the paintwork? The answer is to simply increase the outlet temperature. Some modern engines specifically designed for cleaning vehicles offer steam exit temperatures up to 250°F and hot water temperatures up to 210°F.

This new mobile prep engine offers a great combination of a pressure washer and a steam hob. They can melt dirt and grime that sticks to the surface of the car and remove accumulated dirt, including grease and oil.

Portability – Traditional portable pressure washers are either on wheels or can be attached to trucks or trailers. The wheel engine is suitable for cleaning vehicles in small areas. 

However, these machines are not so ideal for moving to remote locations. You can even search online for more information about mobile car detailing in Brisbane Southside.