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bookmark_borderMen’s Coats – A Brief Guide to On-Trend Outer Garments

As with other men's fashions this year, there are plenty of options for stylish, modern men's coats. There are many different coats available in a variety of durable materials and styles, and here's a quick guide to this year's designs:

Biker – With 1950s style and still going strong, a biker jacket is a waist-length jacket, usually, but not always, made of leather. Subtle changes to the collar and cuffs have styled clothes for a certain era, and this year we're looking at a mix of the best. You can also find the best mens sports casual wool coats and blazers for sale from Williams & Kent.

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Blazer – A single-breasted jacket originally derived from the upper part of a suit; Today's fashion dictates that this item looks great with classic denim jeans.

Bomber – Longer than a biker jacket and very similar in appearance, this iconic bomber jacket was originally worn by pilots during World War I to keep them warm in the open and often freezing cockpits!

Vest – Sleeveless Vest is designed to cover existing clothing to provide significant warmth but also ensure unrestricted freedom of movement. Popular with athletes, vests are often padded and lightweight and are used as an alternative to heavy winter coats.

Long Coat – Formal coats were originally designed to be worn over a suit, long coats usually have a belt and now look great with smart casual wear or even jeans and sweaters.