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bookmark_borderCushions For Kids Are Not Just For Sleep

Kids' cushions are not just for sleep – they can also be used as weapons in pillow battles and as building blocks for a 'thief's den. If your child is prone to territorial disputes, you can even purchase a cushion to help him or her plan a tactical war. Here are some ideas for the perfect cushion for your child. Senseez sensory cushions are one example. The JAY Zip is another option.

Senseez sensory cushions ease the senses

Senseez sensory cushions are a great way to soothe children with sensory issues. The vibrations produced by the Senseez pillows soothe children's central nervous system and help them concentrate. These cushions are designed for sitting, hugging and squeezing, so parents can use them for hours without having to worry about the battery life. However, these cushions are not waterproof, so they should not be submerged in water.

The Senseez Blue Square Vibrating Pillow is another great option to ease the senses of kids. It helps soothe hyperactivity and anxiety by vibrating the pillow. It is designed to be used in a child's bed or on a seat. It is also portable and requires two AA batteries. You can purchase a pillow from Amazon for about $20. The pillow is intended for children ages three and up.

Senseez vibration therapy cushions soothe the body

Senseez vibration therapy pillows are designed to soothe the body. Children, especially, enjoy vibrating pillows because they provide sensory feedback that helps them remain calm and focused. The battery-operated vibrating pillow can help hyperactive children focus and fall asleep. Vibration therapy has been used for years and is a good alternative for kids with special needs. Vibration therapy pillows work on compression and release.

Senseez vibrating cushions are great for children with sensory processing issues, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping. They give the body a relaxing and soothing experience through gentle vibrations. Vibration helps children relax and focus and improves social interaction. Vibration therapy cushions are especially good for children with sensory processing disorder or autism. Because of their small size and portability, they're easy to transport. Many parents have reported good results from using Senseez vibration therapy cushions for their children.

Senseez wiggle seat cushions

Senseez wiggle seat cushions for children are made with different materials to help with the sensory experience. There are various types that you can choose from, including a Bumpy Wiggle Cushion for younger children. It comes with smaller bumps and can be stood on. There are also Wobble Cushions with Gel for kids and teens. Another option is the Wedge Wiggle Cushion, which differs from the classic seat but provides optimal core strengthening.

This wiggle seat provides a bouncy surface that keeps your child's balance and attention. Kids can stand on them to enjoy their sensory activity while also practicing core strength. While I think that wiggle seat cushions are an excellent way to help a child learn balance, I would never place them in a car seat or high chair. Not only would it be unsafe, but also it is out of the manufacturer's specifications. For more information on safety, read the full disclosure.


Designed with a waterproof inner cover, the Zip cushion protects the foam base from fluids. The Aqua-guard zipper protects the foam base from fluids. The Zip's machine-washable outer cover is made from silver-impregnated X-static fiber. This cushion is a favorite of children and their parents alike. It also features a zipper cover that is removable for easy cleaning. Whether you're looking for a cushion for your kid's room, the JAY Zip is a great investment.

The dual-layered foam base of the Zip cushion provides structural support as well as comfort. The firmness of the foam base increases with cushion width. The cushion is available in more than 70 different sizes. It is durable and lightweight, and comes in black, pink, or blue colors. These products are made in the USA and are available in over 70 sizes. The Zip is a durable, water-resistant, and antimicrobial cushion.

Senseez balance discs

Senseez balance discs cushions for kids have many uses. These balance training tools help improve focus, attention, and concentration. They can also be used to train pets. The low-profile design makes them an enjoyable and safe alternative to traditional therapy. The Senseez cushion has been used by therapists and pediatricians since 1996. This review will focus on the benefits of this product for children and parents. Here's what you need to know.

A balance disc is a textured seat cushion for children that promotes core stability and strengthens the muscles of the body. This helps calm restless children and encourages them to move about. Balance discs are recommended by health professionals because they offer an ergonomic seating base and relieve pressure on the back. Parents and educators alike have reported success with them. A balance disc also helps prevent injury by providing a firm but flexible base for children while they are sitting.