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bookmark_borderEffective Red Light Treatment

As equipment costs are falling, spas and beauty salons are introducing red light treatment. The anti-aging spectrum of light is 615nm to 640nm. This creates the RED color. Specific frequencies trigger the brain's receptors.

Different frequencies trigger different responses. The effects of sun damage and aging on the skin can be countered by RED light. Clinical tests showed a 20.2% decrease in wrinkle volume and 24.7% skin moisturization.

The skin also felt smoother by 15.1%. To send light into the skin's layers, the process uses wavelengths of the visible light spectrum. Photo modulation is a process where light energy is applied to the skin. You can undergo effective red light therapy via to benefit your body.

The light energy is absorbed by the cells and then distributed evenly to stimulate the body’s cellular collagen production mechanisms, which in turn promotes skin renewal and health.

These treatments should be done at least 5-6 times per week for approximately 4-6 weeks. You will notice a change in your skin texture and tone towards the end of the treatment cycle.

Red light therapy can only be successful if you understand that it takes time. You are not just turning back time, but also slowing down the aging process.

Stimulating collagen is key to maintaining healthy skin. There are many ways to do this. Vitamins A, E, and C, as well as the many acids and peel treatments, and IPL, are great for stimulating collagen. Many of these treatments use inflammation to increase the skin's cell turnover rate and plump the skin.