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bookmark_borderAll You Need To Know About IB Diploma Programme Classes

IB Diploma Programme classes are offered at various schools all over the world. The programme is recognized by many universities worldwide and it is in fact the most widely recognised international qualification for schools that offer it as an option.

The international baccalaureate diploma courses are academically challenging and balanced programmes of education that prepare students aged 16 to 19 for success at university and life beyond. The programme is comprised of six subject groups and the Core, which are studied over two years. You can also check the internet to find different diploma courses online.

Students taking the IB Diploma programme are required to complete coursework and assessments in six different subject areas.

The six subject areas are:

1. Language and Literature

2. Language Acquisition

3. Individuals and Societies

4. Sciences

5. Mathematics

6. The Arts

Coursework and assessments in the IB Diploma programme are designed to challenge students and encourage them to think critically about the world around them. The skills developed through the completion of coursework and assessments are valuable for students as they prepare for university and beyond.

With so many different classes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that interests you and that will help you meet your goals. So what are you waiting for? Start researching the IB course today!