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bookmark_borderMethods Of Foundation Repair In Milwaukee

Foundation repair companies use a variety of correction methods to repair foundations – and the best method cannot be determined until a foundation repair service inspects the house and determines the cause of the problem. You can search for skilled foundation repair companies via to waterproof your basement. Below is an overview of the main six methods of fixing the foundation. 

Concrete pillars

This foundation repair method is as durable as a concrete foundation. These are concrete pillars that are poured into boreholes in the ground to support the foundation. 

Chipped concrete

Like piles, concrete piles are also prefabricated concrete piles that are placed under the foundation and not poured. They take up half the pillar's time and last as long as its base. This solution can save costs on steel trays.

Chipped steel

It's the same concept as a concrete pile, but with steel. Steel, of course, is not suitable for the erosion and wear problems that sometimes occur in concrete. 


In this method, the material is pumped under the plinth using concrete or polyurethane resin to lift it back into the correct space. 

Soil injection

The potassium ion and ammonium salt are water-soluble chemicals that are non-toxic and do not allow the surrounding soil to absorb water. This will prevent swelling of the bottom and sloping base. 

Root resistance

When the roots of trees and plants start pushing and moving the foundation, it's time to put up a root barrier to avoid excessive damage.