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bookmark_borderFashion Accessory- Some Of The Trends For Women

Many women believe that the addition of accessories gives a charming look to any kind of dress. Here are some accessory trends that stand out this year.

1. Feathers on hair accessories.  When the hair accessories wear correctly, they can give a charming look, like this when it is done in a subtly toned headband with the feathers. You can also style yourself with the beautiful African style earrings from

2. Declaration jewelry. No, it's not quite a return in the 80s, but the influence is definitely there. The reporting jewelry is great, powerful, "notice me" jewelry, such as a huge pendant or catchy earrings. This trend will probably be most likely in the fall of 2009.

3. Film star sunglasses. The big dark shades are as popular as ever this spring. Round frames are fresh-looking, as well as unusual taken on Wayfarer's classic design, such as white frames. 

But the classic setting of the Tortuehellell in a voluptuous and rounded square is a style of sunglasses that seeks to stay warm for a long time.

4. Hats. The hats increase in popularity of their ability to punctuate an outfit and distinguish themselves from the crowd. Fedora light or white straw for summer on a light blouse and jeans is a great look that most of whom can look good.

5. Big, beautiful handbags. While the evenings tend to require Bejeweled tiny and little practical clutches, the rest of the time when you can transport all your stuff into a substantial handbag in a tote style or even a "bowling bag" style is oversized. Classic dark leather, nothing seems better.