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bookmark_borderMental And Physical Health Benefits Of Bowling

Our minds are often filled with images of bowling with our friends, after-hours relaxation with coworkers, and even childhood birthday parties. It may be surprising to many that bowling can also be a great form of exercise.

The best thing about bowling is that there are virtually no restrictions on who can play. It is a low-impact, easy-to-learn game that's great for everyone, young and old.  You can get the services of the bowling alley game via

Many bowling alleys have special lanes that are accessible to those with visual impairments or who are in wheelchairs.

If you are a fan of bowling or looking to lose weight, many health benefits can be derived from just one night of bowling per week.

Average bowlers walk 60 feet per turn. This is more than half a mile for a three-game series. Bowling can burn anywhere from 175 to 300 calories per hour, which is equivalent to jumping rope for 25 minutes.

Average bowling balls weigh around 14 pounds. The 14-pound weight of the average bowling ball can tone your arms, shoulders, chest, and legs by repeatedly swinging and releasing it. The ball's weight alone can strengthen your hands. In a three-series match, you will throw the bowl 54 times on average. This is a lot of repetition!

Throwing a 14-pound ball is not the only benefit. Strength will also be benefited from the repetition of this motion. Your flexibility will be improved by the twisting, lunging, stretching, and stretching required for bowling.

Your joints, ligaments, and muscles become more flexible every time you extend your arm or body. You can also offset extra weight by balancing and posting your lower half with more weight.