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bookmark_borderCause Of Teenage Depression

The pressure of peers and expectations from parents is a major factor in teens' self-esteem and behavior. If they believe that they are not able to maintain all the demands and uphold the standards of others, then this can lead teenager to doubt themselves.

Teenagers put a premium on being accepted. If a teenager isn't able to feel accepted, it leads to a greater sense of being unaccepted. In the end, for a lot of youngsters, being lonely or different and not popular is not a good thing. Professional teenage counseling services in San Antonio can help teenagers and their parents handle depression issues.

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The main causes of teenage depression are as follows:

Family issues can cause depression in teenagers. Teenagers may feel a sense of guilt, and they begin questioning whether they've contributed to the issues and, in particular, if they're always the subject of criticism. They might begin thinking that being at home isn't necessary and that the world would be much better if they went away.

School performance is another reason for teenage depression. Since academics are becoming more difficult as they get older, teenagers might not be able to manage the demands of school as they used to, and therefore, they may fail at times.

Apathy towards schoolwork, the fear of being disappointed by parents, or sadness at oneself may all result in feelings of utter lack of value. In Japan for instance there was a period where suicide rates among students were increasing, particularly when students performed poorly in school.