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bookmark_borderThe Performance of your Drone gets Affected due to these Factors

Perth drone videography


Drones are built by companies allowing us to capture videos and images in the most stunning manner. In fact, having a drone is a joyful experience for the pilot but also to the viewer watching the video. In fact, beginners find it easy when they try their hands-on flying for the first-time. However, beginner drone pilots make the mistake of not paying proper attention which only affects the performance. In order to ensure your drone performs in the best possible manner, follow these tips.

  1. Think about the Outdoor Exposure – Just like our vehicles, your drone is constantly on the verge of being exposed outdoor. While flying your drone outdoor, there is always the risk of getting exposed to ice and condensation on the drone while using.
  2. Think about the Dust – During every flying session, drones are susceptible to dust exposure. Due to the presence of dust, the lens of the camera and rubber gimbal dampeners can easily get spoilt. In order to ensure your drone remains in top condition, use a microfiber cloth to clean the dirt. Moreover, you can also use compressed air cans to remove dust particles that cannot be cleaned by using the microfiber cloth.
  3. Think about Bugs – Bug fragments can enter the drone due to the fast-spinning propellers. Ensure the propellers are cleaned before and after flying which also improves the performance of the drone. Moreover, it keeps your drone in the best possible condition in the longer run.

Follow these factors carefully and your drone videography in Perth is bound to become awesome.