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bookmark_borderChild Custody Guidelines For You

Private investigators review the facts from both sides to determine if they are correct and if there are any potential problems.

Neglect and Abuse

This can play a significant role in a custody case if the children have been neglected or abused by one parent. It is generally not a good idea to treat the other parent like an enemy in a custody dispute.

However, if there has been abuse or neglect in the home, it is important to include this information in your case. This will make the court aware of the facts. To know more about child custody or abuse investigation, you can consult brief child custody investigation.

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An experienced private investigator can help you determine if there has been any abuse and provide evidence to support your case.

Custody Guidelines

North Carolina courts will determine custody placement based on the best interests of the child in contested custody cases. The court will consider all factors, including domestic violence, the safety of the child, and the safety of each party, when making the decision and make any necessary findings.

There is no presumption that the biological father or the adoptive mother will be the best for the child's welfare and interests. At the request of either parent, joint custody may be considered.