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bookmark_borderChef’s Knife – Tips To Keep It Clean and New Looking

If you have invested in a new chef knife set, you will likely try to protect it as much as possible. Here are our top tips on how to care for chef knives and prolong their life:-

12 Things You Should Never-Ever Do With Your Kitchen Knives

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1 Protect cook blades by keeping them clean and dry:- Always make sure to wash and dry cook blades immediately after use. This helps keep it spicy and is also a great way to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your kitchen. Keeping your knife sharp not only makes it easier to cut food when your chef's knife is sharp but believe it or not, you're actually less likely to get hurt.

When we use blunt knives in the kitchen we usually have to put more effort into what we are doing and then there is a serious risk of losing a finger (or three fingers!). Keeping your chef's knife-sharp will reduce this risk as long as you are careful not to touch the sharp edges of the knife.

2 Always use steel before storing chef knives:- If you purchased a chef knife as part of a knife set, there is likely steel in the set. If you're not sure what steel is, it's a long, round metal element that's definitely not a knife! You should immediately sharpen your chef's knife each time before storing it to keep it nice and sharp.

3 Sharpen your knives regularly:- Even if you use steel every time you use your chef's knife, it will get boring over time. Ideally, a chef's knife should be sharpened with the appropriate blade every few months.