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bookmark_borderHow To Prep for Ceramic Coating?

You wouldn't put on a new suit after playing in the mud, eating fresh groceries off a dirty floor, or getting out of the way after washing the car, would you? So why should you ever apply a ceramic coating before making sure the surface is cleaned properly and looks its best?

Creating the perfect coating situation ensures optimal adhesion and long-lasting results and is easier than you might think. You can also get more details on nano ceramic coating online.

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Start by washing your car properly. We recommend a wax-free, shine-free soap such as Clean Slate. Clean Slate is not only wax-free, it removes all other sealants, waxes, and glazes.


Once the surface is clean, it is important to coat the paint with clay to remove surface contaminants that may not be able to be removed by washing. If disposed of improperly, the dirt under your ceramic coating will remain under it for years!


Even if your car is new, it may need some polish and some paint adjustments. It is important to apply paint to correct imperfections and smooth out the coating because once the ceramic coat is applied, these scratches and swirls will be trapped under the coating and you cannot remove them without removing the ceramic coat first.


Once the surface is properly washed, cleaned, and finished, the final step before the coating process is a cleaning cloth to remove any oil, wax, or silicone that may still be on the surface.