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bookmark_borderBowling Games for Children in Maryland

You can have fun with your children by playing bowling or skittle games. These games are great for your youth ministry group, scouting groups, holiday clubs, school, birthday parties, with your children and their friends, or even with adults.

These games are primarily designed for indoor play, but they can be easily adapted to outdoor play. You will learn the rules for playing as a team, but you can also play it individually if you have smaller groups. You can find out the bowling league in Maryland at

Equipment required: Bowling pins, bean bags or lightweight balls, tape or string to mark playing areas, pen and paper to score and playing cards to help divide children into two teams. You should match the players according their abilities and be open to making changes if necessary. If prizes are involved, the games can be more enjoyable. However, you might consider giving a consolation prize to those who lose. 

You should place between 10-20 skittles at each end of the room. Mark the playing area at the halfway mark with tape, string, etc. The size of your room and the number of players will determine how many skittles you need. It is up to you to decide how many players can be called out to the middle each round. You will need to place one ball for each participant in the defending half.