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bookmark_borderPossibilities of Photogrammetric Analysis in Crime Scene Investigations

It is important to speak with expert photogrammetry and provide them with all the images to be reviewed for specific entirely. In most cases, leading photogrammetry experts will provide an initial consultation on the quality and application of photogrammetric analysis to the photo at no charge. You can get to know more about crime scene measurement via

photogrammettry software

Following is the list that can be used as a quick check to determine whether the photogrammetric analysis may be possible.

1. There are some photos of the object to be measured from a different camera.

2. There are objects in the scene that has been known reference dimension or dimensions can be obtained after the photo was taken (eg, there is a table in a photograph of the length, width and height can be obtained).

3. The object to be measured is clearly visible in the photo and have distinguishable features (eg, the object should not be blurred or out of focus).

4. The size of the object to be measured needs to be sufficiently large relative to the entire image (for example, a skid mark that indicates a small mark on the way the photos in the distance, can not be measured with adequate accuracy).

5. Photos were taken with the same camera and the same focal length (eg zoom) setting.

The above is just a quick check and does not meet one or more of the above criteria does not mean photogrammetric analysis is impossible. Each case is specific and must be reviewed by an expert to determine whether or not it is valid.

Photogrammetry can bring great value to lawyers and accident reconstructionists who need the benefits of "better information" in a court case or an accident reconstruction report. 

Having accurate data that may not be considered against the board or simply discarded as impossible to obtain can often be the difference in winning or losing the case or settlement.