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bookmark_borderAsphalt Paving Driveway Maintenance Tips

Asphalt paving or hot mix asphalt is usually what comes to mind when installing an alley in a new house. It is one of the cheapest floor coverings on new construction sites. A properly laid asphalt surface has a lifespan of about thirty years or more. You can also find the best asphalt service in Charlotte via

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This asphalt surface is composed of rock particles, sand and cement, which makes it flexible and durable at the same time. The new asphalt is the most flexible because it still contains a lot of light hydrocarbon oils that make up its DNA structure. Gravel forms the subsurface where asphalt is laid to increase the stability of the asphalt structure. By placing five to eight centimeters of gravel under the asphalt, you guarantee a longer life on the asphalt road.

By asking your asphalt construction company to place your asphalt pavement at least one foot in front of the gravel cover, you will ensure that the asphalt road does not crack as visitors drive to the edge of the surface finish. This provides more flexibility and keeps the asphalt road looking its best for as long as possible. The next step is to close the asphalt road after about six to nine months.

During this time, new asphalt roads must be paved. When quickly sealed, the hydrocarbon oils that give the base flexibility make it too flexible, which can create a larger scar over time. When it comes time to seal your asphalt pavement, be sure to apply at least two coats of a high-quality sealer all over the driveway.

This should be repeated every three to five years to ensure the maximum life of your paved road. If you are patient and follow this advice, your paved road will last for years. Take good care of him and he will definitely add character to your home. Hot mix asphalt or asphalt paving was and remains the best alternative for anyone who wants to pave surfaces flexibly.