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bookmark_borderWhat Your Office Chair Should Have

Your office chair should be your best friend at work. Imagine how long you have to sit in a chair for most of your work day and think about every muscle injury you suffered while sitting in the same chair over the years. Even if it's time to burn down your old chair, make sure you have a focused checklist to find the perfect ergonomic chair for you. Now let's open the list…

Aeron Chair Headrest

An ergonomic office chair with a proper headrest is considered a bonus. Headrests are very important to support not only the head but also the neck.

This feature is perfect for employees who are constantly on the phone or who like to take a quick nap during office breaks. However, headrest chairs are not suitable for small offices, as these are usually larger than their counterparts. If you buy a stretch chair with an adjustable headrest, make sure it moves up, down, and in and out for maximum comfort.

Is the office chair tall enough?

A comfortable ergonomic chair should match your height. How you sit in a chair depends on the length of your legs. This then affects your sitting posture. A chair that doesn't fit you will leave your legs sore and there's not much room to stretch, while a high chair can give petite people a hanging sensation that can be very uncomfortable after a few hours.

Consider buying a chair with footrests if you want your feet to be firmly planted on the seat board. Of course, there are height-adjustable chairs on the market. Make sure your chair is the same height as your kneecap to ensure a comfortable sitting position.

Where does my arm go?

A standard office chair should have armrests. This is especially important for employees who use their keyboards all the time. Chairs without armrests contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries. When you work on the keyboard, the palm rest supports your arms and puts increased pressure on your shoulders.