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Services Offered by Phase 2 Trials Clinical Research Organizations

An Clinical Research Organization (CRO) is also known as an Contract Research Organization and is an organization providing assistance to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in conducting clinical research which include BA/BE study. CRO's usually range from large full-service units that are international to small specialization groups that are specialized in a niche.

With the rise in the medical tourism market prominent phase 2 clinical research organizations have emerged within the nation. They are actively involved with Clinical Trials in special populations as well as patient populations as well as healthy volunteer volunteers. 

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The most renowned CRO's are based and well-established in the southern regions of the country, such as Bangalore (for former. Lotus Labs Pvt Ltd) and Chennai offers a wide array of services which include the Phase I-III research with biotechnology firms. They are well-known for their proficiency in different areas of Clinical Research and other fields including:

* Bio Studies

* Bioanalytical Research

* Biometrics

* Medical Writing

* Regulatory Services

CRO's have an entire department that is dedicated to regulatory services and Quality Assurance, which are essential elements of the portfolio of services. There is a separate team for this and audit compliance, which is supported by a deep knowledge of local regulatory processes and an efficient partnership with various regulatory agencies. The services offered are as follows:

* Formulating strategies to regulate

* Compiling the clinical trial applications

* Obtaining importation licenses for drugs

* Obtaining an NOC for the export of biological samples . You can also search online to get more information about phase 2 trials clinical research.