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Safety Tips to Remember When Performing Home Interior Demolition in Florida

In Florida, when you are working on any DIY project, safety should be your priority. These few safety tips will ensure your project runs smoothly and you don't need to visit the emergency room.

All things legal

Some states or municipalities require that you have a permit to work on a wall before it can be taken down. You could be fined if even one of the building inspectors shows up to inspect your property. For the correct permits, always check with your local Zoning Board.

Use the correct methods to dispose of it

You can throw away the most selective & interior Stripout demolition materials in a dumpster. However, hazardous waste is defined as any debris containing asbestos, lead, unauthorized servicemen, or mold. To properly dispose of toxic materials, you must contact the local Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division.

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Safety gear

Sometimes, there can be a lot of debris when removing interior spaces. Safety glasses, gloves, or work boots should be worn that can withstand heavy objects being dropped onto your feet. No one wants to be given a tetanus shot for grabbing boards with rusty nails.

Do not tear down load-bearing walls

Are you unsure if the wall is load-bearing or not? To keep your home stable, a load-bearing wall acts as a support for your foundation. Ask a contractor to let you know if the wall that you are tearing down is not load-bearing.

Avoid electrifying experiences

Before you begin to tear down walls, turn off the electricity at your breaker box. If you are aware that electric lines are running through walls, it is better to be safe than sorry.