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Regain A Youthful Looking Face With Botox Treatment

Botox is actually a purified toxin, but when used in small amounts it does not harm the body. When used as an injectable cosmetic treatment, it corrects signs of facial aging, whether you want to reduce deep forehead lines or relax facial muscles to create an asymmetrical face.

Doctors, dentists, and registered nurses can prescribe and inject Botox, but only by prescription, but although estheticians can inject Botox, their clients must first consult a doctor, who can then prescribe the medication. It is illegal for a beautician to use botox that was not specifically prescribed for you. So, It is best to choose the professional for effective forehead frown line treatment to remove the wrinkles.

A good doctor is someone who has been involved in facial esthetics for several years, has attended training courses and has a good knowledge of facial anatomy, but there are some who try to treat people with little or no training. 

Theoretically one can do a beginner botox class and then do an advanced class the next day, only one client can be injected at a time, but you can call yourself an intermediate so always check how much training someone has before you let him cum in your face.

If you want to use Botox, you should first consult a doctor. It is very important that you choose a doctor who is trained and qualified to inject Botox into your face with steady hands, artistic eyes, and the ability and passion to receive accurate treatment.