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Purpose Of A Breast Excision Biopsy

Breast removal surgery is a common procedure that is used to treat various health conditions. While most breast removal surgeries are performed to improve the appearance of a woman's breasts, some women may have other reasons for wanting surgery.

The purpose of breast removal surgery can be different for each woman. Some women may want to remove their breasts because they believe they are too big or too small. Other women may want to remove their breasts because they have an illness or condition that requires surgery. You can also know more about excisional breast biopsy by searching online.

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A breast removal surgery generally involves the surgeon cutting away the skin and tissue around the breasts, then removing the breast itself. In some cases, the surgeon may also remove some of the surrounding fatty tissue.

Breast surgeries can be categorized by the type of biopsy that is performed. There are two common types of breast biopsies: excisional and lumpectomy.

The purpose of an excisional biopsy is to remove a small piece of tissue from the breast for examination under a microscope. This is the most common type of breast biopsy, and it is used to determine the cause of a lump or irregularity.

Once you have decided what type of biopsy you want and your doctor has scheduled the procedure for you, follow the instructions about how to prepare for your upcoming appointment.