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Managing Your Personal Brand With An E-Portfolio

Do you have a personal brand? Do you really know how your bosses, colleagues, coworkers, neighbours, and friends see you? Most people don't. You can assume that you know how other people see you, but you could be wrong. Maybe it's time to get active. 

Understand how you present yourself to the world. Learn how to handle the knowledge, interpretation and feelings of others with the help of an electronic portfolio. You can hire a personal brand cameraman to make a portfolio of your brand. 

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions and Answers which provide guidelines for developing your own questions.

What is an e-portfolio?

An electronic portfolio is a collection of "electronic evidence" about who is managing you. It is a means of self-expression, a demonstration of your skills and your quality, digital identity. It can contain a record of your accomplishments, training and growth, as well as your goals. Bottom row? He shares your essence with everyone who sees him. If you have never made a personal mission statement, this is one you should consider. This can be the basis for your entire e-portfolio.

How can I use an e-portfolio?

You can use your e-portfolio to enhance your professional image, land a new job, get a promotion, demonstrate certain competencies, increase your professional responsibilities, apply for graduate school or receive a certificate. You can also use it to get hired by customers, sell products, or teach others how to design.