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How to Keep Your Landline Number Same While Moving?

Are you planning to move to a diffrent place and worried about your recent landline number? Don't be.

Here are some of the steps which will help you in keeping you landline number same while moving.

Step 1: Check your landline number Worthy

In most cases, people who want to keep their home phone numbers will need to move to a new service provider. Unfortunately, not all landline numbers are eligible to be moved or "ported" from their current operator. You can explore this link to get complete information about the same.
Fortunately, we can check if your number is eligible. In the box below, type your landline number, your carrier, and your email, and we will get the results within seconds.
What "Porting" means?
Porting just an industry term for the number one mobile phone from one carrier to another.
Step 2: Select Provider Forum
You want to find a company that can keep your number at a reasonable price. The most important factors to consider are:

Availability – Is the number of providers offer docking or call forwarding option?

Cost – Does the provider give you the best price? Does it beat your current bills?

Ease of Use – Is the provider makes it easy to complete the process?

None of the major carriers to meet three criteria. Other options – such as Google Voice and VOIP service – expensive, difficult to manage, and a hassle to maintain. Plus, they do not offer features such as blocking spam notifications and free calls.