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How to Get Gum Out of Carpet in Easy Steps

If you’ve struggled with removing gum from a carpet or rug in the past, clear those failed attempts from your mind. The following method works for various types of rugs including those made of hemp, jute, wool, other natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and blended fibers. 

Take a deep breath and complete the following frustration-free steps to remove gum from carpet without the stress:

Step 1: Prepare the area.

Obtain a thin piece of cardboard and cut a small hole in the shape of the gum. The back of a spiral notebook, for example, would work well. This piece of cardboard acts as a guard to protect the surrounding carpet while you remove the gum. Place the cardboard over the spot.

Step 2: Freeze the gum.

Place an ice cube inside of a plastic bag and rub it over the gum. The plastic bag keeps the melting ice from wetting everything. Continue to rub the ice over the gum until the gum becomes hard. The frozen gum is easier to remove since the process causes the molecules to contract and relax its bond to the carpet. Instead of ice, you could also use a commercial aerosol product like WD-40  to spray on the gum.

remove gum from carpet

Step 3: Scrape the gum.

Once the gum sufficiently hardens, use a dull knife, spatula, or silicone kitchen scraper to carefully remove the gum. If a few stubborn pieces or a stain stay behind, continue with the following steps.

Step 4: Clean remaining residue.

Use a sponge to carefully apply lacquer thinner, such as Klean-Strip Green, to the remaining pieces of gum. Follow any safety precautions on the label, as lacquer thinners are flammable and may emit noxious fumes. 

Step 5: Remove the stain.

Even after you remove all of the gum, there may be a stain left behind. To remove it, mix one part mineral oil with eight parts liquid dry-cleaning solvent, such as Forcefield. Apply a small amount to the stain and press down firmly with a sponge. 

You should also go ahead and remove the cardboard at this point, so you can blot the stain more easily. Don’t rub, as this could make the stain worse. Repeat the application and blot until the stain lifts from the carpet

Finally, rinse the spot with a little bit of water and blot the excess moisture with a towel until it’s dry.