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How to Design a Creative Office Fitout

Often office fitouts have to do a lot more than simply house a few desks and industrious employees. Many workplaces also need to act as showcases for the business's most valued qualities. If you are planning a new space design for your business, showcasing your creativity may be a top priority.

This is particularly true for all businesses in the design industry, whether fashion, industrial or home wares. You can look for franchise fit out at

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Creativity, however, is also important in just about every other industry; creative thinking is needed to solve problems and to find more efficient ways of delivering your product or service. We've collected a few tips on how to bring out your business's creativity in your office fitout.

If you are lucky enough to have an office in a beautiful historic building or an impressive modern sky rise, you should take advantage of your unique space in your fitout.

Being creative does not have to mean stuffing your office fitout with objects, textures and colors. You can use white walls and simple, clean lines to build an elegant space that expresses a sophisticated style of your business.

Have you noticed a recent trend of living walls? They are hanging gardens that look like the wild meadow or murky swamp turned sideways and stuck to the walls. Living walls have been used to great effect in the reception foyers for many large companies.