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How To Choose Wheelchair Ramps

There are many people who use wheelchair ramps, either because they can't stand for long periods of time or because their legs don't operate in a proper fashion. Wheelchair ramps are inclined planes which facilitate those who use wheelchairs to access their homes or other buildings. 

The slope of these wheelchair ramps is important because certain angles are too difficult to maneuver from a wheelchair. Both portable and modular ramps take this into consideration in their design. Permanent ramps, whether modular or wooden, must be designed to take this into account. 

Every person's disability is different. The functionality of any wheelchair ramp is only advantageous if designed with them in mind. Since disabled people use these ramps in various capacities like getting in and out of vehicles, into buildings or to access the entrances of public places or even the street, it's very important to keep their needs in mind.

There are several different types of wheelchair ramps including portable, modular, wooden and vehicle. Portable ramps can be folded and taken with you and are used to overcome smaller hurdles. They are very strong and make going to new places much easier. They come with handrails and are quick to install, though best installed by a specialist.