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How to Choose a Facebook Messenger Bot?

There are many Facebook Messenger Bot solutions available in the market today. Users can install these tools as their third-party applications, or as an add-on to their Facebook account. This will allow them to create bots that can be used for just about anything. A bot application can be used for general chat purposes, marketing campaigns, social promotions, online gaming and much more.

It is important that a person decides whether or not they are looking for a chat bot, or a marketing tool that will be used to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and drive traffic to websites. The following tips can help determine whether or not a particular application is intended for that type of business.

Platform Compatibility – The first thing to consider is the platform compatibility. A tool can be built on any of the most popular platforms in the world today, but it must also run smoothly with the platform of the Facebook Chatbot application the user is using. If a bot was to not run properly with the account of a user, it may not be able to perform the functions that were intended.

Implementation – The next thing to consider is the time and effort required to set up the bot. Some apps can be designed to run automatically, while others may require the user to log in to their account and install the application. This can take the form of signing up for an online account or going to a website for signing up.

Individualization – The next consideration is the availability of specific features. Some applications will allow the user to specify which features they want, and which ones they don't.

Social Promotion – Some bots are available to actively promote a specific business or item in the market. These applications can be used to send sales leads and encourage users to become engaged in conversations about their brand or product.

News Feed – Some applications have features that will allow the user to customize their news feed by adding tags and sending direct messages. The types of things they can do include sharing news, product announcements, and events. They can even use the application to post statuses.

Profile Pages – Facebook Messenger bots can be used to setup profiles. This can be used to attract interest from potential customers, and to add branding to profiles. The functionality is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes.

Data Base – Some bots also allow the user to add friends and even share information. They can be used to interact with people who share the same interests as the user, and to provide links to websites that may interest these individuals.

Store – Many bots also have capabilities to send money. They can also transfer money to friends.

Business Promotion – Some bots can help with business promotion. These applications can be used to drive brand awareness and help increase conversions for potential customers.

Additional functionality – Finally, some bots can be extended to add new functions to the application. One can add features like bookmarking, comments, public boards, and so on. These features can be added to the application as well.